Artificial Intelligence and Third-Person Shooter

I want a tutorial of Artificial Intelligence on a third-person shooter game, but I don’t find. Where can I find it?
And I want do a shooter like a FPS, but with third-person, with a target, but I don’t know to do this, too.

Well im pretty new to the game engine so I cant really offer any good advice on AI or camera setups, but take a look at this thread here: I havent had a look at the file myself, but splinter cell is a third person video game so that setup may be just what you are looking for.

In the page of scabootssa
you can find an example of artificial intelligence
you must have installed the language python 2.4 in your machine so that it works correctly.
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you can look for but information on the subject of pathfinder in:

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How can I use that script of A*?

other files, you can prove this:
and download this files:
but you need blender 2.25 for this example game.
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I have the 2.42! I tested and nothing worked!
Well… I’ll search on Google.

you can download the 2.25 blender version here:

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I can’t do this, buddy. I have all my project on 2.42 version, and I have until the friday of next week to finish it. Changing to another version will be difficult.