artificial intelligence makes game engine

On techexplore websight they said artificial intelligence has made a clone of a game engine.

Do you have a link to the article itself?

Also, the spelling is ‘website’.

Artificial intelligence uses less than two minutes of videogame footage to recreate game engine (techxplore)

I wouldn’t call it a real success yet (the behavior of the graphics in the AI-made engine is even worse than that of a cheap emulator off some random website).

The gameplay fares better though, but it shows there’s still a bit of work to do.

They used a 1980’s style 2D game which of course was entirely implemented using simple microprocessors and small programs, and essentially used predictive techniques to predict what the fixed logic within the game probably contained. They limited the set of choices and possibilities in their initial design, and of course applied their knowledge in the construction of the AI model. While this is a legitimate and somewhat interesting application for AI techniques, it is hardly revolutionary. Nor is it (no pun intended …) “game-changing.”

i just wish ‘they’ would stop calling it ‘INTELLIGENCE’ because only now computing is reaching the ‘SMART’ level… makes ppl ‘DUMB’ for real
:rolleyes: damned thy greed of hype