Artificial intelligence

Hello people

Does any1 know how i can make good AI for an racing game or where i can get scripts or tutorials,anything?
Thx all answers!

errrr…i think you should buy some books on AI.i am in second year comp. eng. if i were in final year i might have helped you.well the only thing i know is that you really need to think of the whole probabale situations that your cars can face and you have to program them to do what should be done in those times and yes with some errors(just like human beings).i hope this does not help!! :wink:

Check this out, it may have some tips:

What comes to creating a good AI for a game, the main tools are your programming skills/experience and creativity. You can do it in sooooo many ways… Wish you luck!

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How to fly to the moon: first build a rocket… :slight_smile:

Learn Python etc



hey no fair u got more replies then me when i aksed the same question (even though i got the same exact answers) :frowning: but for a racing game i thought this up just make an empty and make an animation so it goes around the track then make the cars “track to” the empty so then you can bash itno them but they will still race.

for you cars to turn… just give walls turn properties like LEFT and RIGHT, and have a sensor a little bit ahead of a car(parented to it) and when the sensor collides with property RIGHT, make the car turn right, and when collides with LEFT, turn left… thats the basic turning…
u could setup other sensors around the car as well for collisions with other cars or walls, or signs, or house, that could trigger crash ipos for that car, or fuel leak…
python scripts might help, but the logic bricks can give u some complex ai as well… ive expermineted with racing games before, and the ai is pretty good… if u want, we could talk through email and we can set up some nice ai for your racing game?
mail me at [email protected] if u wanna talk 8)