Artificial Intelligence

(CubeFan973) #1

How do you do it? This is asking in a general sense, not for any specific project.

(crow) #2

i have looked all over the python pages for this as well

(wiseman303) #3

There in no single answer to that question. That’s like asking “How do I make a picture?”

The most someone can do is give you some general tips. Here is the process I go through when designing AI.

  1. Decide what you want the AI to do. (ie. attack when the player get’s close)
  2. Work out what decisions the AI will have to make. (ie. is the player near? is there obstacles in the way?)
  3. Plan what actions will be taken depending on what conclusions were reached in the last step. (ie. player is near, but object is in the way. go arround object.)
  4. Details. How exactly are the actions carried out? (ie. sidestep until there’s no obstacle in front.)
  5. Coding, now convert this plan into actual code, (or logic bricks.)