Artificial Intelligence

Hello everybody!!

I’m new here and I don’t know if this the right forum for my question but
I’m working on a Artificial Intelligence-project and I’ve heard that there are some guys here who know something about A.I. The information I need is about the history of Artificial Intelligence, how it’s used and what things are ‘made’ with it.

If you can help me…please do :slight_smile:


here, in a nice way, let me help you.

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since this isn’t cg i would recommend that you try the off topic forum, or maybe the game engine forum at the bottom.
Also, google will have as much stuff on this kind of thing as anyone here.

Thanx for the tip! I’ll post a message on the off-topic forum.


As moderator I welcome you to our forum ! :slight_smile:

I lock this thread and as you self said, post the question in Off-topic.