Artificial Intelligence

Hello everybody!

I’m working on a A.I.-project but, unfortunately, it’s not that simple to find useful and easy to read info about Artificial Intelligence. So I was wondering if someone on this forum could give me some tips and hints.


First off two questions:

Are you looking for “real” AI, whereby it learns from mistakes and adds to a database of known things, or are you just trying to simulate a smart computer?

What is the goal of your AI, to paint, to blender, to chat, ect?

“real” AI is very stupid, doesn’t always work, very slow and a pain to code…

Simulated AI is very long to code, but has very good results for a limited spectrum of things.

IE you program in a TON of different scenarioes and what to do, and the “ai” applies that in real time, thus making it “seem” smart.

Have you read anything by Douglas Hoffstadter? It is rich writing which touches on everything AI related (ie Everything). “Godel, Escher, Bach - an Eternal Golden Braid” is a must read if the subject interests you. (Although at 800+ pages, it is a project in itself!) It is not a practical manual on AI, but essentially addresses the question of whether true AI is possible, drawing comparisons with Godels mindshattering Incompleteness theorem. Inspired writing. An inexhaustible delight. Don’t overlook it

I would suggest
It has a good wealth of information, it was where I started learning AI. Has good links to examples and essays as well as tutorials and a forum. is another good one to try. Has good forums.