Artificial Intelligence

(BlendRoid) #1

This is a project for my school’s art contest.

Synopsis: A boy has grown out of his tin toy robot and is now giving him up in a garage sale along with many of his other toys. The robot’s otherwise blank face will be stained with a tear of oil. I’m going for a PIXAR-style, semiphotorealistic look. Right now I’m working on the background (I’m going to put something in there to block out the atmosphere, of course). C&C are welcome!

Just for the record: Everything visible in this project was created by me, including all photographic textures.



(Lord of the Rings Junkie) #2

I like the concept, looking forward to progress. You may want to soften the shadow from the box, and use a photographic dirt map on the ball instead of procedurals. Also, I think the extremely dark box face could benefit from Yafray GI. If not, add another lamp to make it brighter.


(BlendRoid) #3

Thanks! Do you mean that the box is not illuminated well enough? If so, it might look that way, but it’s just a dark color. I do plan on putting a photographic texture on the ball (I need to find something other than the walls of the house that I can smudge my shoe on, or perhaps find something that’s already smudged) :D. I actually tried softening the shadows earlier, but the light seemed to change direction (I just changed my lamp from sun to spot), so I just left it like that for now.

Edit: by the way, I’m rendering with Blender Internal.


(kbot) #4

Good effort!