Artificial Skyline

this is a piece that is for an animation i am working on. the animation will use blender to render backgrounds and anime studio for the 2d animation. the renders will also be enhanced with digital painting. heres a test of this process.

the city is about 90% finished but i wanted to see what i could do. so here it is.
blender render, painted textures and details in painter essentials:

critique welcomed :slight_smile:

2.74:1… That’s quite the aspect ratio, dude.
other than that, it looks painted, not at all 3D.
which, depending on what you want, could be either good or bad.

heres the WIP renders and progression:

if u dont believe me :slight_smile:

(and i like wide shots :D)

and i kind of want a painted look. it might look odd if theres 2d characters against 3d background…
i might even dum down the detail depending on how it will look.