Artifitial Inteligence ,Generative in blender ?

It would be awesomeif we could do some AI in blender or even generative.

Look at this video :

I heard in the blender conference of 2008 one guy who gave a talk about generative stuff in blender any one knows anything about that ?

i ddont know what we would really use artificial intelligence for at the point its at, probably mostly for the game engine. i think advanced AI in the game engine would be great. AI still tends to be super processing intense so i don’t see it being very useful as far as other functions like modeling and animating, maybe in a few years. That would be awesome to be able to tell blender what you want have blender do it and ask questions, like Jarvis in Ironman. I would love Blender to be like Tony Starkes set up! Maybe in Blender 3.0!

the conference you are talking about was given by Alain Lioret , you can find some infos here :
there is a link to the pdf paper
it was really an interesting talk. i do not know though if something new, as this seemed to be research fields.

@irowebot ,

it would be useful for artistic goals.

do some research at generative art for example. i’ll post some links later im in a hurry.

It looks like most of this work relies on fractal formulas and algorithms. I’m not programer so i can’t really say but it would seem like in order to do this kind of work you would need a library of different algorithms and some pluggin manager like the texture pluggin.