Artist: Alex Nardini

Alex Nardini

Some very, very impressive stuff - too bad his website design sucks. And I got a feeling he has a very bad attitude… =)

Thx for the link tho

Wow! Some bloody impressive stuff there.

So - do you think it’s possible to create stuff that impressive with Blender, POVray and GIMP?

Sorry - dafto question. However, although I’ve seen some amazing stuff with Blender so far, I’m yet to see something quite as spectacular as what Alex has produced here.

Or - haven’t I looked hard enough.

You could certainly do that with all the effects in PovRay.

The models actually look really basic, the guy just knows how to use textures, materials and plugins. Most of that could probably be done in Blender, and quite a lot of it done better. Things like that tree are just a real basic model with a fur plugin used.

Yep, his site design does suck doesn’t it?

Yes. A lot of good art is good not because the artist knew how to use certain techniques, but when and why to use them. He’s got a good visual eye and sense of style, which I’d argue is more important than knowing the ins and outs of all the technical stuff.

There’s no question you would be able to produce images rivaling work like Alex’s. That truly is up to the artist.

Take a look at Harkyman’s Dutch Sheep Barn from the ‘Country Life’ 3DLuvr contest. I think it rivals Alex’s Pilgrimage for example.

I actually don’t like the lighting on the side of the barn in Harkyman’s pic. It looks a little surreal. However, it is a very nice picture - you’re right.

I like some of his pics from the “Sad little bird” collection. Very nice.

hi all
here is another great italian CG artist
Marco Spitoni

look at code-guardian


The trailer for the Hunt was great. Downloading the full thing now.
Awesome stuff.

I wish I could do things like this.

I’ve even got a trilogy of books that I’d dearly love to turn into a huge movie. Would probably take me the rest of my life and still be crap! :x