[B]Do you just want to make games you love as part of a close-knit team of exceptional talent? The ustwo™ games team is building on the success of Whale Trail and Blip Blup by forming a team of experimental super developers to release new titles for iOS, Android and beyond. We want to make games with personality, heart, and cultural resonance that delight, surprise and engage.

We are looking for a one-person 3d modelling and animation wizard to complete the multi-disciplinary art team. We want an awesome, imaginative, adaptable human being who is fun to work and dream with.

In addition to 3d work you need to enthusiastically and confidently sink your teeth into support roles ranging from game design to concept art to branding. You work well both independently and as a collaborator.

Must have…

  • Solid, demonstrable and imaginative modelling and 3d animation skills
  • Interest and/or experience in some of the following areas: illustration, concept art, technical art (scripting, shaders, VFX), graphic design, UI design.
  • Passion for making beautiful games


  • Experience using Unity and Blender software
  • Any other game engine experience, completed games or mods

Character Requirements

  • You have the ability to analyse, deconstruct and riff on various art styles.
  • You thrive in a robust creative environment and help to raise everyone’s game.
  • You are outgoing, personable, sociable and easy going
  • You are adaptable, always ready to learn and to share knowledge
  • You can deal with pressure and can work in a fast paced environment

I am all that you ask for, but I only work as freelance by the Internet. Is that possible with you!?