artist for moviecube project needed


i don’t know if this is the right place to post this. we’re looking for a 3d modeler who is interessted to help us working on moviecube.

moviecube is a opensource machinima tool based on Sauerbraten / Cube2 Engine.
it has the abitlity to do “scripted machinima”. it supports md3 and md5 playermodels, blender exporters exists as well.

i’m quite busy with the programming side of the project, so it would be great to find people helping us with the artwork.

i intend to make a first relase at the end of this year, there for we need some (two or three) playermodels to make some ingame tutorials, showing people how things work and how to do the scripting stuff.

if you’re interessted in this project, feel free to contact me: info[at]

i uploaded some videos of moviecube to youtube: <>

you can test moviecube by checking out svn: <>