Artist looking for a coder!

Hi I’m planning on making a platform game in 3D. I’m working on a prototype that is without any fancy models, just primitives. But I think it would be good if a coder or a person that is good with logic bricks could join. Things are going slow and there are some things I can’t find. Like slow parent on the camera for example.

Any coder that is looking for a project to join? :eyebrowlift2:

OK. What do you need?
Maybe a link to some files :slight_smile:

also, bge 2.49 or 2.5

Goose it’s 2.5, and I’m not looking for anything in particular just a partner :slight_smile: Who also would like to make a platform game, and who got some skills with the logic bricks.

ok :slight_smile: i am working on my own FPS at the moment, but send me any details i can start on

Ok take a look at this video. This is what I have done on the prototype so far. Is there a coder who would be interested to work on this? Because I’m not really that good with logic, I prefer modeling and texturing. :slight_smile: