Artist,modeler, animator, needed


I require an artist capable of supplying concept art for a few characters and environments These concepts once approved will be converted to models and will be used for backdrops, and game animations.

The project will last at least 2months once concepts are approved.

Candidate will need to be able to concept, create, model and animate their creation.

Initially i will require concept art for the following items, currently the style is open for interpretation, however it is suggested that we stay away from photo realism and go with something more stylized.:

The end product is a learning application, the artwork and modeling will be used to create modules for the learning exercises.

Carnival environment featuring 6 gaming stands, such as basketball, ring toss, baseball throw etc. detail of stands will follow upon selection. this will be used as a navigational item, each booth will also be rendered once concept art is approved.

character concept for a doctor

a global map and airplane that can be animated to appear as if it travels to multiple destinations, this will be used as a form of navigation and will provide the user with 4 specific destinations. Again this global map should be stylized to match the look and feel of characters and environments.

Please let me know if you are interested.

PM sent, please check it, thanks.

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I can do this

this is my work, I made all by my self (except for the music)