Artist needed for realistic metallic details (for fantasy project)

I am new here and I probably don`t know all the correct business words, so please let me know if anything is wrong/ misunderstandable! Because my primary artist called off last minute, I need to find someone else quickly.

I am a fantasy photographer and currently doing a fan project of pen and paper roleplayers. I am creating photos of the gods/ godesses from the DSA (“The dark eye”) universe.

What I need: One of the gods, “Kor” the god of blood and war, is the son of a dragon - therefore he has a helmet with dragonhorns and fangs (see the official drawings on the left side). As you can see on the right, the helmet has none. So I need someone who can create a png-object for me as an overlay for the helmet. Because it is a photo it needs to be as realistic as possible. If you have other good odeas, let me know.

I hope I can find someone who can help me :slight_smile: Please show me your portfolio.
Of course I will pay for your work - but because I don`t know the courses and what time you probably need for that, please let me know which fee you expect. But please be aware, that I have no sponsor for this fan project and need to pay everything on my own, so unfortunately my budget is limited.


I’m interested for the job!
But do you need a modeler or an illustrator ??
My portfolio:
Contact me on my Email: [email protected]

Best regards,
Bruno Marzochi.

Im sorry, I dont know the differnce between modeler and illustrator… (that is what I meant with I probably don`t know all the correct words ^^)

It’s all right! no problem.

Illustrator is what makes 2D drawings, like the ones that you see as an example.
Now, the 3D modeler is what creates 3D drawings from a 2D illustration.

This task could be done with either as @Mel2D2 is asking for a png overlay to finish up the work on the right.

What we can do is … I make his helmet all detailed in 3D, I render it in PNG file in the correct position, so that you can retouch it.

Create/sculpt the horns in 3d, bake out some ao and dirty virt, render, paint over with krita creating several varieties would be my approach, may even do a few renders with material setups rather then krita and/or a combination of the two, sorry @Mel2D2 I don’t have time atm to do this.

hello! i have already done several things like that. for example this , where verything but the room is a render (it’s a poster for a costumer) let me know if you are interested!