Artist needed to rebuild/create and rig character.

Hi there - I’m looking for a blender artist to create/rebuild a character. The original chap was created many years ago and I have attempted to build him in Blender (but I’m not too good at organic models or rigging). Happy to show images and renders of what I have so far but I think he needs a complete rebuild and rig. I’d love the character to actually have textured material clothing and just be a bit more sophisticated (cgi has moved on lots since he was created). My blender model is pretty close and I’m happy with the dimensions, but the actual modelling is pretty cumbersome and I’m sure it could be a lot better. Also, his suit could be much better with lapels and pockets (just more details allround).
Anyways, have a look at the images and if you think you can help please contact me and give me a price and a description of what you can do for the little guy :slight_smile:


Once created I want to be able to pose him and incorporate him into scenes that I have already created.
All the best,

Just had someone comment that images were not showing - just incase - here is different links…



PM sent.

Thank you to all the amazing artists who contacted me. Just ti let you know I have started the project with someone now. Thank you so much for your time and great comments and suggestions. A really lovely community!!!