Artist needed

I’m working on a program that needs an icon and a background for the splashscreen. Would anyone be willing to help me with this? I have the basic designideas for it so I figure it is a job that could be done in a couple of hours.
I could do it myself, of course, but my blender-skills are pretty rusty, and I have nor the patience or the time at the moment.

Basically the icon should look like a mix of these two images, with the earth in the upper image replaced by a globe like the aquasphere (or maybe some blue transparent glass-sphere) with a transparent relief of the continents. It needs to be sharp at 128x128 and preferably down to 64x64

The splash-screen background should be part of the same picture (with a darker background) so I would need a render in 1024x1024.

That is the basic request. I hope someone is interested.


Are you sure you couldn’t just knock this up in photoshop/illustrator (gimp/inkscape)?

I’m even less adept in these programs, although I’m sure it could be done. I just have to admit to myself that I’m more a programmer than an artist :slight_smile:


A quick photoshop, sorry but i dont have the skills and time to model this in Blender…

Take your pick:

And now charge 80 dollars.

lolz what bigbad said

This image is not done with any 3d software; it is made with a vectorial drawing software, like Illustrator or Inkscape (you can do it with Photoshop, too). Their nice effects are done with gradients; please search in Google for “aqua buttons tutorial” so you can learn how to do it.