Artist needed

I need a character artist for my 3d film being made in blender. You be doing character art that my team will be using to make the models.

here is the sci fi story.

or if you can do the makehuman program and make clothes for them.

Hope you like my Blender work. I work as a freelancer for Blender.

You need concept arts, or character sheets?
And what’s the payment?
What’s the extend of the project?
What’s the timeframe?
What style of animation?

i can’t pay, i should have said that in the first place. If someone could donate some time, that would be nice…don’t attack if you aren’t or can’t do it.

Just some advice:

Be clear on what you want and what you offer.
You need something, don’t expect people come running after you.
Explain yourself and the project - why should everyone intrested ask you for details? It’s a waste of time for you answering each inquiry and a waste of peoples time trying to get every detail out of you.

Personally I don’t take projects serious, where the <insertfancyleadertitlehere> doesn’t take the time to properly present his project, and I guess it’s the same for lot’s of others.

You should also plan ahead for possible royalties. If you ever do anything commercial with your project, keep in mind that the artist who made the character sheets/concept arts also holds the copyright to it, even if he says “Yeh, sure use it I am cool”, that’s wortheless from a legal point of view.
So if you have any commercial intend, better clearify this stuff beforehand, or work out written contracts.

I got the message. Just a little tired when i wrote the message. As for the money, I don’t expect to make any money off the project. Just learning.