Artist query - can you help?

Right, this is kind of awkward because I can’t really explain this very thoroughly, but anyway…

Might anyone here know of (or actually be) an artist who works digitally and semi-photo realistically, has a good knowledge and understanding of Victoriana in terms of clothes, furnishings, etc and has aspirations to work in comics? This is not a job offer per se, it is merely me trying to find out if such a person even exists. I know there are a lot of people out there doing pin-ups, portraits, book and magazine covers, etc in this style but I’ve yet to find anyone interested in or capable of doing it in comics.

Please feel free to ask around, re-posting this post elsewhere if necessary. Just to re-iterate: I am a comics professional (by which I mean that I do actually make my living more or less entirely from writing comics) but this is not a job offer, I am not an employer, I am merely “making inquiries”.

Thank you for your time.

Mayhaps busk you in the GIMP forums if I opinionate for ye man!

Nope, didn’t quite catch that. :confused:

Yarpen did some nice period stuff.
(This exampleis more medieval, and the figure isn’t necessarily the best, but still…)
Sebastian_K as well.

Depends what you’re after. I would say browse the gallery. There are plenty of very talented artists here who can do photorealistic stuff.
…but don’t restrict yourself to those who have already done period stuff in general, or Victorian stuff in particular. Bare in mind that any artist worth their salt will study up on a given subject.

I haven’t seen that much 3D digital art done in a victorian style, but as freen said… if you can find a 3D artist that is competent and does any sort of good work, then they should be able to pull off whatever era or time period you’d want. You might also want to check out some of the “Steam Punk” artists, as they are frequently mixing victorian era visuals with more modern ideas.

Honestly, tho… if 3D is the idea here… I am wondering what sort of look you were hoping to hit? For me, thinking about victorian era comic style art just screams ‘pen and ink’ and crowquill type visuals, or maybe watercolor or something more painterly. You could always stylize the 3D visuals to get that sort of effect, but it seems a sort of round-about way of suggesting victorian style. But that’s just my opinion.

What comics have you done in the past? I love comics, and the more indy type comics especially.

Yeah - I’d love to view your stuff. I’m quite into Victorian Novels myself.

Thanks for your replies.

Like I said, I know there are a lot of people put there capable of producing fantastic semi-photo realistic period stuff but it’s more a case of finding anyone who wants to do comics. I suppose the crux of the matter is that, despite the fact that a comic page might have six panels on it and therefore require a lot more work than a single large image, the pay for a single page of comic book would be fixed and I imagine considerably lower than what most people would get for a cover or pin-up or whatever. The artist in question would have to really want to break into comics.

I’m not looking for someone who does 100% photorealism but something a bit more painterly with very realistic elements (but I’m in danger of getting too vague here aren’t I?). Basically, the images Freen directed me towards are actually too realistic. Again, it really boils down to someone being comics friendly and literate.

Also, although I’m sure most competent artists could produce good quality Victoriana, it would be brilliant to find someone who actually knew their stuff properly.

As for my writing; I’ve been scripting comics in partnership with my wife since 2003 and together we’ve written for companies such as Dark Horse, Wildstorm, Dynamite Entertainment, Top Cow, IDW and Image Comics. At the moment we’ve got #1 (of 4) of a Dynamite/Top Cow crossover on the shelves. Our website is if you want any more info.


Did this once long long ago. Google’d and found two excellent sites, but don’t remember the www addresses. Search for a Lord Nelson maritime museum in England, this has real good pics and describes what sailors from that era wore down to the underwear and buttons on the officers and governers coats.

Also find some sites from Williamsburg, Virginia (maybe West Virginia?) where they have recreated colonial life with people and architecture from that era with a dedication to exactness in every aspect of life then (down to the silverware and coaches). Though Victorian I believe is an English aspect I am sure colonial America was still closely tied in to these fashions.

I would imagine that there is a fair amount of crossover, yeah.

I’ve just been to your site - it’s cool. You can check my works (at least sketches) on in the story board section. I’m not applying for anything as I’m a bit tied up, but some of yous can do a lot and this is just inspiration. It took me about 5 days part-time to get the sketches.

Thanks, is there a direct link to the story boards? (can’t seem to find them on the site). It’s easier now. My Computer skills are a bit limited to appologies.