Artist who can do High-End SPACE VFX ASSETS from for Production Company Logo

  1. What is the type of project? modeling, rendering, motion graphics for production company logo.

  2. Are you a company or individual? We recommend to post a link to your website.
    Anomalous Productions LLC.

  3. What kind of designer are you looking for? Experience level, special skills, etc
    High- intermediate skills to pro. With emphases of skills on 3D font creation and animation as well as space asset creation and animation.

  4. What is the deadline?
    End of June 2021

  5. Description of the project. It is best to be clear on what you expect the final project to look like, this will attract higher level designers.
    Creating a space fly through ssing The SPACE VFX ASSETS from the collaboration of Creative Shimp & CG Masters Top tier logo like Universal Studios, SkyDance, LionsGate, Relativity Media with 3d assets and animation created from the Anomalous Productions logo.

  6. What is the budget? This is not obligatory, but it helps a little information, like whether this is for entry level or veteran designer.
    Dependent on experience and skills. Please inquire and we can talk rate based on abilities.

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Iā€™m confused, are you looking for this service or is these tips on how to post?

Thought it would just be more clear. Guess that backfired hahaha.