Artist, writer and CG technician?

A lot of discussion happening again over whether Blender is too difficult, should the UI be remodelled and whether any new film put out by the Blender Foundation would be better than the last few in regards to story and all other things not related to CG. I remembered reading through the various posts that Martin Hash, the creator of Animation Master, had said many years ago he didn’t believe it possible for one person to wear both hats and I tend to agree. No amount of learning Blender, or any other 3D software, will enable you to make a movie as beautiful as ‘Death in Venice.’ Conversely Luchino Visconti would probably struggle with the ginger bread man tutorial and probably wouldn’t even attempt it because he would most likely say he’s not a techie. Now nearing the end of my 3 minute animation - maybe only a few months to go hip hip hooray - I totally agree with Mr Hash and were I ever to do it again I would seek out help from people who have chosen their area of expertise and put in the hard yards, sweat and blood required to call themselves experts. I’d be interested in other people’s thoughts on this.

It is really hard to assemble a team of people with different expertises to make a film. Really hard. I’ve seen people on this site try and fail innumerable times.

When I take a look at what I consider really good animated short films, they are frequently produced by a small studio or by a group of students at a film or animation school. People in a small studio have an incentive to work together, they need the publicity for their firm, and a great short animation might be just the thing. Students work together for their grade in a class. At universities with separate classes in digital painting, modeling, animation, music, etc, it is not that difficult to organize a team with, maybe not experts in each discipline, at least with people who focus on each separate discipline for the time being (especially if working on a team is part of the graduation requirements).

I don’t think it has anything to do with Blender, per se. This is just the way CG animation is, whatever the software package. Can one person do it all? Sure, with enough time and talent, one person has done it all. It is rare, but possible. Should one person try to do it all is the real question. Given the time it takes to do each separate part, CG almost requires teams for any reasonable length project.

I think that has changed a little I have seen a few group of people over the last two years post completed team projects. It is still a difficult under taking no doubt but the have been some success.

I think there now so much training material for Blender that people are gaining the necessary skills to complete shots much quicker so there is a bigger pool of people to call on.

Good points made but maybe a better way to approach a project, suggestion for the forum maybe, would be to have a section where say a script writer could say Hey! Just written a script for a short about a monkey who bla, bla… is any one interested in doing the CG? Or a student sound engineer could post s/he is willing to do music and sound effects please submit suggestions if looking for a sound engineer. This would take the frustration out of trying to do everything oneself and getting angry with complex software, etc. Myself as I said, if I ever did this again I would simply write a treatment and then go looking for people to assist rather than doing it all myself, which has been fun but the end result will be a Jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none job when maybe it could have been really good and worthy of sending to festivals and competitions.