Artistic Coding in Blender | Art of David Mignot

Hello everyone!

David Mignot creates art in Blender mostly by using lines of code.
Using his special workflow he created for example these images:

I found his way of working very interesting so I asked him to give us a basic breakdown on how he works with code in Blender which you can watch here:

If you want more in-depth information on creative coding see the pinned comment on the video.
Hope you will find this workflow interesting!

You can find David Mignot online here:


Thank you very much to share this !
Very interesting and inspiring to see how he uses the coding / script part of Blender to create images :slight_smile:

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Awesome stuff! The additional links in the comments are great, as well.

I have worked quite a bit with Processing but it never occured to me to use Blender’s API in a similar fashion. Really excited to experiment with this. :grinning:

Thanks for posting this here!


@timetraveler glad you found it interesting thanks!

@lone_noel very cool all the best with your experiments!

The 2nd pic looks AWESOME! :slight_smile: I’ll check this out.

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