Artists/Animators Wanted for 2D Fighting Game Project


My name is Adrian Santos. I am Community Manager for an up and coming game development group called Respec Gaming Studios. We are currently working on a “2 vs 2” format 2D Fighting Game as our first project called S.H.I.F.T. This project have been on the works for over a year as we take our time on it to make sure everything comes out right. Here are our websites.…

At this time, we are in need of artists that can take on any of the following positions:

  • Character Designer
  • Stage/Background Artist
  • User Interface Artist
  • Special Effects Artist

We are also in need of animators from working keyframes to in-betweens. These are the requirements that need to be filled for anyone interested in the positions.

  • Someone that is reliable and dependable, guarantee in producing work, take on tasks, and inform us for any updates.
  • Experienced in the fields required for the position.
  • Must speak and write fluent English.
  • Able to provide an update on given task once every week on Friday.
  • Easy to contact and available at anytime, especially on Skype
  • Able to stream work. (optional)

Anyone taking on our positions should have at least some of these requirements. Work will be paid by Kickstarter, meaning you provide us the work and once our Kickstarter succeed you will then be paid depending on the amount of work you have done for us. Reason we are relying on Kickstarter is because we are a group that started this project from the ground up without any funds whatsoever and our amazing staff is fully aware of this. This proves how dedicated they are to make this game into a reality as it shows so much potential, hence we want our Kickstarter to succeed so we can make sure our hard working staff is paid for everything they have done for us. Not just that, we are also supported by a few indie companies like Angry Viking Press and Antarctic Press.

If you are interested on any of our positions, please comment, pm or contact me through these methods.

Once you qualify for the position, we would then move our discussion through Skype and introduce to you to our CEO where he will provide you all the details regarding our game and the work as well as answering any questions that you have. I look forward in viewing everyone’s inquiries. Thank you for your time and cooperation.