artists block

So this is how it goes:

I get really in to modeling and stuff and I do it a lot and it seems like I’m just coming up with new awesome stuff all the time. This will last for a few weeks then stop. I cant get it to start again for a few more weeks… The problem that I have is that I need to do stuff for a scholarship application that has to be finished in the next few weeks. I just cant get motivated. How could I ever d:RocknRoll: this as a job if I cant stay motivated? H:spin:w do you guys stay motivated?

I listen to music, it keeps me going.

@shadowace has a pretty good idea there… try putting on some energetic music.

You’re lucky if you like House, Trance, or Drum and Bass; electronica is famous at my school for helping you get stuff done.

Good idea, I love music. I was thinking about that earlier, the only thing is sometimes i get too into it and its distracting.

Yep, hardcore techno all the way

Umm. I’m not sure if by loss of motivation you also mean loss of inspiration. If so, how bout talking a walk to a park or a coffee shop or something and just sitting down and opening all your senses to everything that’s around you. Notice all the small details; the breeze, the kid that just fell, or the lonely sad-looking guy sitting at the other table. Doodling is also something I like to do. Just draw anything and everything. Lastly, like everyone else said, music. However, I suggest lyric-less music. Because there are no lyrics, the song won’t have a specific attachment to something and you can interpret it in an infinite amount of ways. I recommend World’s End Girlfriend. I don’t really know how to describe the music so if you’re interested you should go check them out. Of course, there’s tons of other music you can listen to.