Artists! I need volunteers...

(ton) #1

Hi artists,

I need your support, an attractive logo design for the ‘free Blender fund’ campaign.

An ascii art briefing would look like this (a dot is a space):

f r e e . B l e n d e r . f u n d
…fBf (logo)…

So it contains:

  • a good readable text ‘free Blender fund’
  • optional, a logo
  • the URL

It should be possible to apply on:

  • a t-shirt
  • the site
  • website banners (with space for some additional text)
  • a ‘button’ (directly go to the donation page)

I prefer a modern graphic style, like the Blender logo, without (too much) 3D in it. Also because it should be easy to recognize, both on a shirt as in a small button.

Reward: eternal gratitude!

Mail me your designs, [email protected]. If you have additional questions, please ask it here, then others can read as well.



(CurtisS) #2

Should the existing Blender logo be used or are you looking for an entirely new design?

(LohnS) #3

cool, i’ll start on some idea’s today, come up with one or two and see if their any good…

heres a past logo animation i have done for the ‘company’ of a CG movie i’m directing

(ton) #4

You can use it, or not. I don’t mind.
But don’t do ‘funny’ things with the logo… that’s hardly ever satisfying.

Here is original artwork for the logo if you like to have it:


(I ask this to save time, so please don’t expect me to mail everyone design comments or compliments. When I like something, I get it and you’ll find out pretty soon! The thanks you get in advance: thanks!)

(mataii) #5

Hi ton, I try to do some thing whit the logo

(digitalSlav) #6

short and sweet
still thinking…

(shadowman99) #7

1st draft. Feel free to nitpick and give feedback.

(sten) #8

Hi Ton !

Would be great if I could help you !

Do you mean more like 2D art made in Illustrator or Freehand ?

Cause I thought you mean something that can be scaled without
in any size without any artifacts(pixels), mathematical scale beizorcurves… correct ?

ztonzy - Sten

(Bapsis) #9

Well, here’z my effort for your logo ton, personally i think this would look awesome on a black t-shirt. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

PS: This is 100% Blender!!! :wink:

(mrmunkily) #10

shadowman hit the jackpot I think.

that’s some nice stuff.

it should say free blender fund, not just free blender

then it should have the url

(mrunion) #11

Here are some initial ideas…

  • or -

Of course these are just quick, 30-minute ideas. I’m thinking…

(shadowman99) #12

I thought an animated GIF would be useful. It just happens to be sized for Slashdot.

(Goo) #13

A bit cheesy but… (cut an paste)


(ton) #14

Hah! Looks good! But don’t hesitate to send in more!

(Dittohead) #15

Ton check your [email protected] e-mail. I sent you something. I don’t have a webpage so I can’t just post it up here.

(saluk) #16

Well, I decided to try something new instead of using the old logo; but I must say, the old logo has pretty much grown on me and cannot really be replaced. All the blender logo sightings, and it’s somewhat universal shape, I don’t think it should ever go away, just like the program Blender should never go away. But here’s my little logo:)

(Dittohead) #17


The colors…th…th…thier t…to…too b…bright.

passed out

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

(Jolly Gnome) #18

Okau, here’s my contrinutions to the request… as you can see, they all are variations of the original blender logo. I decided to use it, because it really IS good logo, and because it is familiar to folks and easy to recognise. Dumbass me, I remembered that the title was to be “Free Blender Foundation”… well, the mistake is easily repaired, and the actual logos are the main thing.
simple theme built around letters “f” and “b” for “free blender”
arm theme, with letters “fbf”
another arm theme with “fbf”
my favourite, Blender logo modified to have “wings of freedom” :slight_smile: and again, letters are part of it too, though the “b” is replaced by the Blender-logo.

Tell me what you think of them :slight_smile:

(Zsolt) #19

Here’s my version:

I have it in vector form, if it’s needed.


(haunt_house) #20

Hey Jolly gnome :smiley:

First thought: Where are my keys?

Second: what is this deer doin´ here?

third: We got a new pet for blendo!
The blender elk.

keep going :wink: