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Blender cycles 49 sample

Nice theme and composition. Looks very good!

Great job! The textures are amazing! :slight_smile:

nice lighting setup, great result with this amout of samples… its basicaly noise free.

Really nice. One crit, and maybe it’s just me but I don’t think the depth of field needs to be that strong. I would like to see the jar of brushes more clearly.

Looks fantastic! And yeah, DOF is a little bit strong.

Extremely nice!

Too much noise

Thanx to everyone. This is the new image 865 sample e new point of view.

wow this nice.

Excellent. Only comment is about continuity. Obviously you are telling a story, but items seem to be added out of context. Paint open and loaded, but no image of a painting. So, it feels items were added arbitrarily, which as a viewer seems to me to be Rocco-ish imaging, decoration for the sake of decoration. However, modeling, texturing and composition are very good.

sweet render! me likes!

Great looking render!

This is absolutely fantastic. Two minor suggestions are to give the wooden handles of the brushes and the table surface some visible grain and the puppet something to sit on. But, man, this is so beautiful!

this one its perfect in composition subject. no noise, my only comment is the stain in the table looks strange, when you open the hole image resolution the stain looks like a something went bad.

Wow! The second render is great! Only gripe is those stains on the table. A bit too “sprinkly”. Just spots on the surface. Needs more variation and different layers of paint. More texture (as more and thicker layers of paint) if you will.

Edit. Now the table looks like you just put some alpha masked badly made .png over the table texture. Sore eye in otherwise good render.

Wow amazing deserves to be top row great story and amazing render. Also is the paint texture on the glass custom if not where did you find it looks great

Let me just echo amazing one more time. Although I still find the DOF a little to strong. Also your first composition seemed promising with a isolation for the drawing puppet not seen in the second. The first composition invoked a feeling. While the second is a very nice composition. Regardless very nice work. I really think the down angle invoked that feeling and would like to see that explored but then…

To be quite frank both compositions invoke that feeling to a certain degree. But, I wouldn’t give up on the down view so quick. In #1 he could almost be us after a lost love or the lost of a love one or a job. His size itself says overwhelmed. Anyway very talented work in my old opinion. A very nice composition in both versions.

Small premise. I’m studying blender (and Cycles render) for two years and I decided to share my work in progress of a shot taken from an artist’s studio. Thanks to everyone for the comment and [email protected] for capturing the spirit of my work, but after your notes I decided to change the size of the camera and to add other items to the scene, and maybe I lose something…

Again a fantastic and inspiring render with amazing lighting and materials!

And it is clearly to see how the camera orientation is part of the story telling. Now the viewer has turned into a human sized observer. This creates distance. In the previous render the viewer has been on the same level as the puppet. This created a sense of closeness. And in my eyes the change of the camera position makes it uncertain, who the artist is. Is it the puppet? Is it the viewer? Both is possible now.