Artists needed for a Platformer/Adventure Game

I am working on a game, and am looking for some artists. The story has been worked on piece by piece for a few months now and is being filled out currently. The engine has been in production for two months, and while there are things missing, there is a lot already in place. This project is my final project for college, majoring in Programming, so I’m very dedicated in seeing this project to the end.

Here is a brief description of the game. The game is about a guy who returns back home after he learns that his grandfather died. As he is looking through his grandfathers old things, he comes across a paint set. Whatever he draws with this paint set comes alive. In the game you go around finding different people and things to paint and then are transported into it’s world which is created by the main characters mind. He is starting to develop schizophrenia, and so his mind starts mixing in past memories, and fantasies with the peoples personalities and creating these very diverse levels for the player to go through. The story is meant to be sort of like Alice in Wonderland where many weird and strange thing happen. Weird and twisted characters, logic and stories. As for the gameplay, it’s going to have the regular platformer gameplay, such as jumping around, solving puzzles and fighting enemies, but will also have twists that will make it stand out from other platformers. When exploring in the town, you’ll be able to pick up items and interact with the townspeople and learn more about them. As this happens, you will unlock new parts of their level, so there will be a high level of interaction with all the npcs in the town. I’ll take any feedback/ideas into consideration.

I have been doing some of the modeling, but with working on the engine and story at the same time, it’s getting to be a bit too much work. I am looking for some concept artists and some modelers/texture artists. Below are a few screenshots of some of the art that has been created.

If you would like to help in the project, or talk more about it, you can send me an email at [email protected]. You can also talk to me on aim: enaz528, or msn: [email protected].


Town layout

Main Characters House

Main Character

Early House Design

I’m a bit tied up with another project . … but your project is interesting! Good luck!

This project sounds huge. How much time do you have?

I go to school full time, but classes are set up in a way that I have a ton of time to work on the project, and am currently working on it about 6-7 hours every day, sometimes more. The project has 8 months for the main part to be finished. The class doesn’t officially start until February, but I decided on starting early to make a bigger game. There will be a lot of different people in the town who will each have their own levels, but the number of levels can be adjusted based on time constraints. I’m also planning to continue working on it after the class is over, adding more levels and more stuff to do. The game engine is fully scriptable, so adding new data is really easy to do.

Still looking for more people to join.

I’m still tied up . . . . but people will help I’m sure of it!