Artists needed for fantasy game


This will be a mobile game.

I’m a coder. I did an appreticeship as a web developer. I know PHP and all the web stuff like HTML, CSS, JS as well as C#.

I’m looking for someone who wants to get started wit hgame development. I want to use Unity3D but I’m not very experienced in game coding. My ideais to start learning UNity3D together with you. This way we can develope the working processes. At the beginnig, I want to create a littel game like Tetris os something, just to get started etc. This is a great opportunity for someone who always wanted to start game deeloping.

Later, I want to develope a fantasy game. You mainly have to design fantasy creatures/world.

I won’t tell you details about my idea because this would be too big for this thread, for details, just write me a private message.

Your job is:
-create lowpoly 3D objekts and 2d graphics
-Help me design the concept fo the game
-Have a good fantasy

The project may fail, so you should lookt at it as a fun project. I don’t know if we get a good financial reward, but if so, we will split it up.

Just message me if you are intrested.