Artists needed

Hello everyone, I really need someone who is good at modeling. I am creating a god of war type game, but I need models of like minotaurs or something like that.:yes:

Can you give anymore details? What is your experience, is there a paid to be expected, how will the game be released? People usually prefer to know about these details before getting involved.

what guillaume said .but i don’t have a problem not getting paid. what is it about we only know that it is going to be like god of war

Well, I have a few ideas. About the getting paid thing, if I decide to sell the game, you will get part of the money I make. The idea is this. So, the setting is ancient Greece. The name is The Spartan. You are in a village that belongs to Sparta. One day, you wake up because of a knock on the door. You open the door, and you see a guard standing in front of you. You are told that you will be sent to prison. The guard drags you out. Then, the city’s bells start to ring. The guard runs on to the walls, dragging you with him. There, you see an army advancing. And in the middle, the titan, Cronus is standing.

There is more but the story will be revised later and changed around. Thanks, hope you like it so far, and tell me any of your own ideas.

As the last game project I was on fell through and the guy I was working with hasn’t responded to any questions, etc for 6 months, I think I can say yes to this, (even if there isn’t much info). :smiley: I have never played God of War, I will look it up. I can:

model somewhat well (what I have learned in 8-10 months of Blender)
texture slightly, (with plenty of support from BlenderArtists) :smiley:
Don’t know how to animate at all. (never really cared or tried, so far)
Can’t do logic-blocks as of yet (but I can research or learn from some tutorials)

I can do quite a bit of Gimp if you need it and can do some basic sound editing in Audacity. I will PM you some contact info if you are interested… ( I am also going to send the other guy I was working with one last email, just to make sure he doesn’t need me. However, I doubt I am going to get a reply…)

I’d like to have more details on your part of the project and on the project itself as well as the “part” of the money.

Your part of the project :
What are you going to do in it? What can you actually do? Have you done another game in the past? Why should people follow you?

The project itself :
Okay, so far you gave us the intro of the game and the name. What is the general idea? What are you fighting and why? What type of weapon, gameplay, how many levels, expected lifetime, console you want the game to be on… I’d like to know what I’m working on before working on it.

The “part” of the money :
I’m really suspicious on any person who ask me to work and that I might receive some kind of reward in exchange. What part the people who will accept to work for you can expect?

I know I’m being harsh here, but read this and you should understand my view. God of war took 3 years to make by professional paid artists. Creating a game can take years , a lot of work and easily fall apart in the middle of it, especially for a complex genre like god of war. Before working for someone freely, I want to know exactly what is the project, who am I working with, and what is retribution I will have for my work. And I think everybody should expect the same thing.

What was your last game project?

I’m assuming you mean the game project I was on?

This was the forum. I don’t know what the game would have amounted to, do to the fact that it never got anywhere. Good intent, but no drive behind it…

The guy who started it did have a good idea of using as a base point. We may want to use that same idea for this project…

Yeah best intentions can get us carried away sometimes. Making games can be a big undertaking indeed. If you need people to help you make a game, I think in general you need to bring something really concrete to the table first of all. Some good design documents; some strong story; a bit of modelling/animation/concept art. At least.

And don’t make your first game huge. And be realistic and honest about payment. If I were in your shoes I’d say - ‘chances are you’ll never be paid, but we could be making something great together!’.

Just my $0.02 :slight_smile: Good luck!

P.S. Don’t be put off though - if you have a great idea, start getting things together, and learning the skills. Hell, I’ve never made a game !