Artists, Programmers, Modellers Wanted

Hi, i’m working on a game project, but, as many have realised with their own games, snags have caused the development to slow. I am currently a “one man army”! but i am without a graphics tablet, and so texturing is not easy. I am looking for anyone who would be interested in developing the game with me.
i am not planning on selling just yet, so this would purely be free group contribution, with names in credits. I am more of an all round BGE developer, ok at modelling 3d and concept as well as Python, but there is so much to do that, it is too slow to be worth it at the moment. It would be free to redistribute and sold, if the orignal developer team received a royalty, of course!
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Current Design Team:
agooose77 - Modeller, Code and Art
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If there is anyone who would be willing to help, please go to
there are details on the main page for support.
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Graphic designers
Map makers
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General Features:
Ability to interact with environment, Gravity, Magnetism, Electricity.
Plot based around “Zombies”, medical experiments, (you vs the failure)
Guns, Knives and Forces.
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Those of you who help, thank you!! this is why i love Blender Artists. It is a helpful community!!
Please post if you have any issues accessing the website!