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Hi, just finished my latest private project. Created in Blender 2.80, rendered with Cycles, just 900 samples without denoiser. I used a lot of procedural textures. Whenever I could I tried to achieve a certain look with musgrave, wave, voronoid and noise textures. Some image maps had to be created (for the numbers on the brushes, some but not all of the wood, and the golden printing on the glass, the label). I am coming to the conclusion that it is possible to create realistic wood without image maps. It’s just a lot of work :slight_smile:
Normal maps created in Photoshop are almost always better than using the bump node.
Also I had quite a few problems with Blender 2.80 and hair particle systems. The behavior is quite unpredictable at the moment, more than one hair system doesn’t work properly. I had to convert every brush to curves in order to use it and be able to create more brushes. I hope that gets fixed soon.

Originally I planned to do the whole scene in Eevee, but Eevee can’t do the glass realistic enough so I had to switch back to Cycles. The preview images of the assets down below are screenshots from Eevee (except the glass of course). I spent about 3 days on everything.

Lighting from HDRI (, wiping residue texture and table wood color map from Poliigon.


That’s fantastic stuff.

I wish EEVEE could (optionally) do more than one refraction event though.


yep, that’s a bummer. Because everything else would have worked. It’s just the glass.

Good job. Indeed, Cycles just works.

That’s really great looking! I love all the little details in it! :clap:

Fantastic piece of work.

Just one little thing, I have the feeling the wood on the pencil tips is a bit too shiny/reflective? My pencils’ wood seem a little bit more matte/diffuse. Just my opinion. The rest is absolutely great!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Great! Thank you!

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Beautiful work!

Images about making art have been done before, but there’s a good quality to this one.

It looks like there’s room to increase the total dynamic range of the image without burning out the highlights, you might want to look at that.