Artists Wanted For A New Blender Game Project!

Hi Everyone! We are a new company called Dragon Softworks and we are currently embarking on a project to create a super high quality, kick ass game using blender. Our project as an ambitious one, we are in the process of making a fantasy RPG with ultra high poly, realistic graphics. We are trying to achieve this by enlisting the help of 3D artists from all over the word but we still need more people to help us out! If anyone is interest please let me know, it will definitely be worth your while taking part in this project.

What’s the pay?

Attention to detail is important when you’re trying to sell your project; and you also need to sell yourself in situations like this.

It’s actually pretty well written, but I spotted a couple of simple typo and punctuation errors… Not encouraging.

You give us zero information, only claims and promises.

Not even a website to check out your project. You do have a website? I mean, you’re serious about this project and expect to be taken seriously?

Good luck with it. :slight_smile:

Why do you want to make it ultra high poly? :confused:
It’s better to keep it low-poly using effects like normal maps.