Artists Wanted For Open Source RTS Game

If you are a community member of the Wildfire
games’ forum, you might already had noticed that a
new modding team is being formed, which consist
of a few old modding teams. The merge process
being almost finished, we discovered that we could
use a few additional hands to help us in modding
several aspects of game, with the ultimate goal the
create an enormous mod pack targeting 0 A.D. in an
as large as possible timeframe.

Yes, indeed, this is
a quite ambitious goal, but with your help I (and
with me the rest of the Council) am sure that we
will manage to achieve it!

Let me now explain in what area’s you could help us
out. We are currently looking for persons capable of
fulfilling the following jobs:

Researchers, 3D artists, programmers, Scenario
designers, Playtesters & balancers and finally 2D

A game falls or stands with information. Without, it
is impossible to create a historically accurate game
like 0 A.D. aims to be. Therefore we need people
who like to dig in history and come up with
information, plans to get that information
implemented in the right way and finally provide
references for the artists around. As already said,
we like to get a large timespan so you will get
acquainted with all kinds of history and learn lots of

3D artist:
In case of 3D artist we have two kinds of jobs:

Animations are needed to get a dynamic moving
game. Imagine a game with only static puppets
moving around! No one wants to play that! We need
therefore people who like to animate all kinds of
objects, including ships, animals and units.

Beside animators we do need persons creating the
3D object itself, before it gets animated or textured
or something. Modelling a variety of objects you
need to follow the references provided by the
researchers (or get them yourselves if you like to do
so) and get it usable for the other team members.
Actually you provide a fundamental base for the
game to get playable.

Modding includes programming. Therefore we need
additional programmers capable of JS-scripting in
various aspects of the game. Think of programming
completely new gameplay features but also
creating technologies, auras, modifying templates
and creating Random Map Scripts and possibly AI
scripting. It even is allowed to create your own glsl
shaders if you like to!

Scenario Designer:
Of course we like to feature some scenarios of our
own specifically created for our own projects. It is
also possible to create Random Maps in
collaboration with the programmers.

Playtester / Balancer:
To get a nice, playable game we need playtesters.
They are there to improve the game’s playability
and eventually come up with ideas for gameplay
features in collaboration with the researchers. It is
also a possibility that it is needed to adjust some
stats yourselves. For this you’ll need a basic
knowledge of XML (which is very easy to learn I can
tell you)

2D artist:
2D artists can choose between various assignments
in the following areas:
Conceptual artist:
Being a conceptual artist you’ll pick up references
and create concepts for it to be used by the 3D
modelers. It is also allowed to search for references
yourselves or collaborate with researchers in doing

2D designer:
2D designers take care of the UI. Think of designing
new buttons, drawing wallpapers and everything
you like to do to improve the GUI and create a lot of
other art.

The list has now come to an end. Nothing is
prohibited and everything is permitted in our
Council. If you feel that your function is not listed
above: feel free to ask if we need you. If you feel
you’re not skilled enough to apply: we are there to
help you improving your skills and get them good
enough for you to be part of our team. If you do not
exactly match a jobs description: no problem,we
can use every hand to help us
, also hands that are
not able to (or do not like) certain parts of the jobs.
On the other hand: if you might want to fulfill more
than one job, you’re welcome.

To summarize: Everyone who is interested, whether
he is capable or not, unable to spend much time or
not, is allowed (or even better: asked) to apply!

If you would like to find out more please visit 0 A.D. Main site for the About Us section. Giving you an idea of what the game is about:

If you would like to participate and be apart of our mod team please visit our forum:

And stop by and say hi :slight_smile: