Artists WANTED: Pick any render or do a render.

I am searching for some interesting artwork from talented blender users, I thought to do this I would setup a thread where you can post thoughts in others
work and post your own. I will be picking my own personal favourites. I promise to always give you credit and respect
your work.

thank you for listening and even I you do not want to post anything I appreciate you taking the time for listening to my request.

(note: I will not be paying anyone)

What is this even for? There’s already sections within this forum for sharing and commenting on artwork.

picking for what exactly? just go to the focused critique thread and comment on the threads you like the look of.

who exactly are you that we should all rush to give you our hard work for free?

Well you don’t need to “give” me anything, I was just setting up a small thread for people to put their stuff on. I am not very experienced in blender, and I am hoping to make this a learning experience. I completely understand if you do not want to post anything, and you are right it’s not a very origional idea. I feel that this thread should be more about questions on the methods used to create the image.

Sorry, I am quite new to this forum, please suggest ideas

Okay, I think I get what you’re trying to do actually. A thread for people to put their artwork on and then share tips and/or methods with eachother, right? It’s a good idea, but a bit of a redundant one on this forum. Here, there are subforums like Finished Projects, where you can start a new thread to feature your artwork. If you want advice on something, try Focussed Critique instead. If you have some questions about a scene someone else has posted on either, then just ask them. Don’t be afraid to ask them to critique your own work. The Forum Gallery subforum is where you’ll find the cream of the crop, as such.

Don’t worry though, we all make mistakes. Welcome to the forums. (:

Scroll down on the forum page. The threads you are looking for are already there. Read the one line description of the subforums. In each subforum, there is a sticky explaining what should be there. Read the stickies. It appears you are trying to duplicate this site in your own thread. If you are searching for interesting work from talented Blender Artists, search harder. It’s all here.

Welcome to BlenderArtists

well sorry for getting the wrong idea, you did post in the volunteer work section and implied you were going to make personal use of them with out payment. be more clear on your intent next time

Ok, thanks everyone for the info. Will look on those sections, bye!

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