ArtMesh is the 3D mesh generation software. It creates quadrilateral or quad-dominant surface mesh. Meshing is performed in a fully automated mode. At the first stage of meshing triangular mesh with predefined elements size is generated. Then triangular mesh is transformed into quad-dominant mesh. Smoothing and topological optimization are used at the final stage of meshing. Directions and values of principal curvatures are taken into account during mesh generation. Hard edges of initial mesh are saved into the final mesh. Initial data for meshing is the triangular surface mesh with arbitrary cell sizes and forms.

This is nice !

he remade the mesh and leaves the low extreamente subdivision

Extremely useful (like zb-remesher) and has a lot of potential!

Sadly 2/3 tested .obj did not work due to (mismatched edges, zero area triangles) especially when feeding in CAD or Boolean meshes.

A software to look for.