ArtRage (kind of free AliasScetchPro clone)

At Ambient Design Ltd. you can get this nice free 2d app (works best with a tablet). I’ve just gave it short try - looks interesting.

It is a bit disappointing that you can’t change the document size. It is fun to play with for a bit however.

[it didn’t work right for me with my tablet though, the paint cursor and my system cursor didn’t line up]

You can change the document size, but afaik only if you start a new painting (just hit the N key). My tablet, Wacom Graphire 1, works fine with this app. It’s not the killer painting package, but for some sketches it’s quite nice.

Hey! Great program!

I actually like this one better than Alias Sketchbook. The only downfall that this program has is really the lack of layer functionality. But, with the nice interactive interface and ease of use, this one is definitely working its way into my production pipeline.

I’ve already used it for a couple thumbnail sketches for some book covers and illustrations I’m working on. Good stuff! Download it, it is well worth it.