Artric Enivorment

Here’s an Artric Enviorment im working on for a comic me and my friend are doing, Its a rough Work in progress right now, I would like to know how to give it more of a realism feel to it. Right now my main problem is the clouds.

To make it more realistic you can press the set smooth button under the edit buttons. You could also add some pointy and snowy mountains in the background and maybe make some cracks in the ice. If you want it to be completely realistic you should remove those flying rocks. If you tell us what the comic is going to be about we can tell you more of what you should add.

You could also use a world texture instead of a mesh for the sky.

Ok heres an updated version of the enviorment, the comic is about two twisted people that have a dark past and they just basiclly fight each other not much to the comic, but in realistic I mean the enviorment, the floating rocks don’t matter to me I know they are fake but I want them.


I changed a few textures and smoothed out a few object.

You should really smooth all the objects…

There’s a lot of texture stretching, which doesn’t look very good. I don’t like the lighting either, but I’m not sure how you should improve it. Is the whole comic going to be 3D or just the backgrounds?

If you hold a card up to the screen so that you cut-off just above where the “bottom of the sky” is, you’l see that it’s a much better picture.

As you move your cropping-card downward to include just a little bit of ground – just a smidgen – the picture still works. But as you continue to lower it, the image becomes (to me) less and less acceptable.

There’s a strong tendency to include too much in the picture. Right now, you’ve got a very nice bright area, drawing the eye closely to the suspended object that’s more-or-less in front of it. This much is good. But you’ve got a lot of wasted screen real-estate, that’s either taking-away from this focal point or merely not adding to it. “Crop, crop, crop!”

You can make the mountains with help of heightmaps. And if you want it to look a litte bit nicer you can add some pinguins and a polar bear.

O kthe comic is going to be a short 3d film clip thing, and I dont know how to make hieghtmaps because im still a begginer with blender.

Learn the power of the intarweb

Im not sure if that is a Oxymoron or not…

How can you make an animation and not know anything about blender…

I mean i know some of the basicss of blender, ive messed with the ipo curve editor ive messed with animations and stuff, but i still conisder myself a begginer

Well, lets take baby steps man…Set smooth everything and work on that sky. Show a render when your done.