Artsy gem setup


it’s been about 1.5 years since I worked with blender (and for that matter visited these forums ;)) and to get back on the track I tried a little something to support a project called beryl and (of course) to get into the interface again.

I’ll rearrange the gems a bit (since they hover and the front gem is cutting into the other one a bit) and I’m thinking about replacing the gaußian blur I did with gimp with DoF (but AA 16x sample is such a pain…)
Anyway, this is it:

Yafray, GI, best quality. Focus effects with gimp. Rendered in about half an hour.

Critics welcome. (especially concerning the gem material, I really hacked it together and don’t really know if it looks convincing)

i believe the gems are too dark and does not shine brilliantly as many would expect. Try to play around around with lighting and see how that help. Also, make sure the refraction index (IOR) for the gem is around 2.7