Arturo e il Gabbiano | short film

Hy guys. Last year I starded my first short movie as director
It’s a little story about two characters, an old man and a seagull.
I’ll post some renders and screenshot about the progress here.


A little rig test

And a props test render

Other props render or asset here.
My site

Soon for new progress.


great props…cant wait for the shorty movie…

another props


I like your seagull

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This is a simple asset for a boat with a rope for an environnement detail
. It has to be worked on the details
A spline with hooks with different strenght in child of and a dynamic paint. All is animated with only one keyframe with noise modifier on graph editor


That looks nice, I didn’t know blender could do that one (water and bouyancy).

Yes, u can do everything with blender.
Here the tripod prop for the camera

You should tag this with #short-film
About your bird, it seems you’re using hair particles. That doesn’t play very well in my opinion. You should use instanced feathers, like Piero has in this great CGCookie course:

hi :slight_smile: thansk for feedback.
I used particle feathers on the back and on the wings . Showing in depth seagulls I saw that feathers on the chest are very small and for that reason I used hairs on the chest and on the stomach
However I will try to use feather instances also on the lower body of bird … thanks :blush:

Small and thin feathers are still feathers. I guarantee it looks different. But it’s not just the shape, it’s also the shading. It has to have the right amount of translucency and the right texture.
it seems even the wing feathers are hairy. They don’t seem flat. Maybe I’m wrong though, it’s hard to see on this small gif.

You are right :smile:
If it looks wrong, maybe I can iprove it. I’ll do some tests

nice work on the animation, the model looks great too

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Looks great, Can’t wait to see more!

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Another street prop with lighting test



For building I’m using latticee to create more toon style.
I’m making several Building props to link in the master scene
Here also a screenshot of storyboard editing in blender


nice work, can you tell me more aobut this Lattice thing ?
i serusly didnt know what does it do till now !!!

Latice is amost an exteral cage. U canus it as a modifier to an object.

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Last week I started modeling buildings for the first environnemt

I started from a concept made in Krita


The first set is almost done.
Here another prop. For this I used a wood map bought on gumroad


really excited to see this, like watching a BTS of a short film and seeing each individual object finish in realtime gives you an idea of how much work goes into making something quality!

So are you the only person working on the film right now? and if yes are you working on it full time or part time? regardless its really cool seeing your progress.