Arturo e il Gabbiano | short film

Hi, thanks. I’m workin on it in my spare time and some friends help me with music or concept too.
My plan is very slow and I want to finish it in march, amost one year to realize 3 min of animation-
There are 2 main characters and 3 environnement

working on the main character. What do u prefer? A o B

and other props


Looking great! On the main character, what are you looking for? Those two have different poses/moods, so are you just asking about clothes? Depends on what the character is supposed to be like! That said, I think the shirt on the left goes better with the mood/expression on the right (traditional, old fashioned, strict), and the shirt on the right goes better with the expression on the left (care-free, whimsical).

Hi, thanks. Great advice.
Here also a fishboat render test.


The amount of detail and work your putting in your film is extremely impressive. Keep up the good work!

thanks a lot, yes. for this i wrote with a friend a screenplay with only 3 environnement .
For this I can increase the detail in each prop.

Now i’m working on the second set.
I scetched a little garden house and this is a firs simple model

I starded form some draws. You can find here more (in Italian)


Modeling other buildings for the last scene


Some secodary building renders to link in the sets.

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What is your instagram? Let´s follow this adventure there as well.

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take a few summer days break from work
P.s. do you have any advice to make the flamingo shader better?


Your modeling, of course, is extremely impressive – now, how’s the movie going? I advocate a workflow that uses OpenGL Preview renders as soon as possible so that you have a very clear idea in-advance of exactly what is going to be “in frame” during the actual movie, shot-by-shot. Let this dictate what you pour your obvious modeling and lighting skills into, unless you plan to sell the assets. (Which you very well might do.)

I usually try to set up the entire movie first, using Preview, and let that determine what needs attention and what really doesn’t. As the final rendering progresses, these replace the Previews one at a time. (Of course, previews match the finished shots exactly.) In the earliest previews, props are simply geometric shapes of the correct form-factor and scale, and human imagination does the rest.

thanks :smile:
As u can see in a screenshot I posted in this thread , the guideline is the storyboard( storyboard is the king).
In this storyboard I have drawn with precision all the element that now I’m modeling( the modeiling is almost finished).

For sets I use a main .blend file and, like u, i model with simple primiteves the boundries. After, in separate files, I usually model each model/props. Props will be linked(Ctrl+o) in the main .blend layout file.

Now, in august, before starting setting up the layout files. I’m thinking to review a little bit the storyboard.
All the music tracks are done and so i’m working a little bit on editing.

Another prop for a set.
For this frame I use two characters I modeled for other projects and edited a little bit
Here U can view the old projects

and a litle breakdown


Here a rig test of the main charcter model
I used the BlenRig5

On my website i can find more about the character


Hey love your work so far - and keeping an eye on the development :slight_smile:
You can take a look at this:

a cool thing to make the wrinkles when moving the eybrows for example.

Jarek D (DJ)


oh tnx a lot… I will use it for sure

More here


Very professional looking models so far, it’ll be exciting to see the result.

Wonderfull work, Luca. I’m impressed time and time again, whenever you update the thread.
Just one little remark on that vintage radio (well maybe two):

  • A few more polys on the wooden frame wouldn’t hurt, I can literally count’em on the edges & corners.
  • That sheetmetal-mesh-thing (which covers the speaker-holes) would benefit greatly from some dust stuck on it, I believe.

Anyway, keep it up, I’m looking forward to the next update.

greetings, Kologe

Hi thanks a lot for criticism and tips. This old radio is part of old shop windows in a vintage shop and there are a lot of objects inside it.
In the test render it looks well but il’’ try to incresease a bit the polycont.

In this period i’m working on the first shot of animation and trying a lot with FlipFluids because different scenes are in the sea

Il’’ share here a last test

And here the video result.