Arturo e il Gabbiano | short film


Here the trailer


Lighting test for a new scene in progress

Congratulations, it’s great to see projects like yours, and its going well so thumbs up!

One thing I noticed is the look of the seagull, maybe I expected it more expressive, more animations on the eyes. As for the landscape, really great work.

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Hi, thanks a lot for feedback

Very nice, I love it. You might want to consider adding maybe a little flag to the boat (which would obviously be cloth-simulated, to interact with the airstream). I think this would add a nice detail / little touch / secondary motion / life to the shot.
For the same reasons, you might also consider a (small) flock of birds in the far background (maybe via boids-particles, 2D-animated on billboards would probably do, here).
And lastly, some smoke-plumes from the boat’s engine might be an idea (probably would have to be rather subtle and quickly vanishing/dissolving, not to get too much of a ‘Steamboat Willie’-feeling).

Anyway, I think you guys are doing some great work (while I’m wondering about the storyline more and more ;-)).

greetings, Kologe

hi. Thanks a lot.
I will add your suggestions. They are true :slight_smile:

Nicolas d’Amore who is animating this scene, has realized this short rig tip about the pivot constrain.
he used this constrain to animate the oar and the arm in a simple way


Some adjustment to the seagull landing

A big project here nice work… I need to understand this kind of driver and constraints for my mechanical design.

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Walk- cycle test by Nicolas D’Amore

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Shot animation by Umberto Salerni

We switched to 2.8 release to manage the view render and control the transparent glass better and merge the BG in the node editor

Shot breakdown and final lighting for this scene


For italian friends a little breakdown workflow [ITA Sub]

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First pass of animation. Only key poses, without facial expression
Review by Umberto Salerni.

Is end cap on the camera? or is it just the glass material? :smiley:

glass. but it’s only a solid view.

A frame

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Production Log
Animation is jjust finished and now we are rendering the entire movie

A frame render.