Artwork | 6:00 AM

Hi all, this picture " 6:00 AM " is the first of a series I am making, Rendered in Blender, K Cycles, 64 Samples, Ultra Denoiser, Composite in Photoshop


I really like the result. It definitely has a sense of mood. I particularly like the idea of rendering a “cell-phone tower(?)” entirely as a shadow. I think I see a mountain in the background, and maybe you don’t want the curve of that to exactly match with the bus stop and the lamp post, as it does right now. (You might also want to make the mountain profile very slightly darker.) I didn’t see the mountain at first.


Thank you so mutch for your feedback :pray:t4:

I like this very much. cool style between realistic and stylized.

What I don’t like is that because of the heavy stylization you can see that the 2 pillars are the same texture, not even mirrored it seems. you can use UV offset in the array modifier to combat that. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Tank you :smile: you are right with the textures, i will change it :pray:t4:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you so mutch :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

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