Artwork Critique

Hi, i would like some helpful feedback on the artwork (rapunzel inspired). wasnt sure about the lighting so there is a night and day version.
thank you


I feel lost in the images, and not in the mesmerising kind of way. Where is the main light(sun) coming from? Depth of field would help out nicely and pick an area or object to focus on as everything is equally ‘there’. Is the castle the main focus? The lanterns? The lighting effect of the lanterns on the area?

Unfortunately the 3D illusion breaks up and I feel that I might be looking at a scene through a two-dimensional mask which is superimposed upon it.

Figure out what emotion you want to get across, try to make pictures for how to get it across as simply as possible. Then cut out stuff in here. There are too many lights. Think of the lights as a path to guide the eyes. Or study a picture with lots of lights in it. Here is one.

Now how come they get away with the crazy light scheme without overwhelming the eyes? What do they do to simplify their image?

Thank you everyone for the feedback… did realized all the flaws after reading your comments!!