Artwork : Cynist

Hey Guys!

First time posting here, so decided to post this project I just finished rescently.

Heres a video of the 3D view of the entire model.

The only thing that was troublesome, I don’t usually make hair in this way instead just use a mesh, but yea it seems it was worth the effort.


Where is this character from? Cool model. That’s great to finish it and post it. I just want to give some feedback.

Are you familiar with traditional Demo reels/ Show reels? They have a defined way they do the 360 spin and then show the final render.

Here is one Clay render spin of a vehicle but it doesn’t look like they did materials. Usually there is lots of GI / AO being used. They did some short pans of 2d renders and then went for about a 300 degree positive rotation, switching to a wireframe overlay at the 180 mark. And then it just cuts to next bit.