Artwork for an AI-robot character


I am looking for an artist.

The board game go is > 2000 years old and has been known as a game which was extremely difficult to master. Go is a profession in asian countries, and it’s peak was probably in the time of the Shogun’s when there was even a ministry of Go in Japan.

Now, back to 2020, Go has been mastered by computers about 3 years ago. The company Deepmind created a bot for it called AlphaGo.

I own a website which roughly replicates the work of AlphaGo. Visitors can play against a computer which is stronger than any living human being. This website already exists, and can be visited on

I would like to offer the visitors a more story-based experience. And basically, it means that I would need a lot of artwork. I would like to start out with a model of a character.

This character should represent the super-human-computer, which is the embodyment of an AI, and perhaps could have a slight asian touch to it, since the game is of asian background. The best thing which I found so far is:
Looks super-human, sophisticated, skilled and dangerous.

The idea is basically to show pop-ups in the course of the game with some text, accompanied by a piece of artwork.

Because our budgets are low (thinking about 50 eur for a first impression, and hoping to finish a deployable result for below 200 eur, with possibly future extensions to make the story stronger and bigger.), also less experienced designers are welcome. But do please send me something to show some proof of your skills, preferably something related or similar.

I am an individual right now, but will become an official company in June.
Deadline: before september

Having said all that, if you have something off-the-shelf that could work for this,
also welcome !

Kind regards,

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message sent !

Hello, I didn’t understand correctly, do you need a 3d model or an illustration?

Hello , I sent you a PM, please check it out

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