Artwork from 2016

(lucasmagia) #1

This is a compilation of projects done from fall 2015 till summer 2016 during my first year in high school. Along with this render and this animation, they are very much results of my excitement about the first literature and art history classes I took. Yes, yes, these are kinda old stuff and I’ve been quite far from the Blender community since then, but still I feel happy about them and I’d love to hear your opinion too!

This one is a quick experiment on atmospheric lighting, tried to convey a melancholic mood;

This one is Obi Wan Kenobi’s first lightsaber;

This one was made for a contest on the brazilian Blender community, whose theme was about winter vacations even though we don’t have these kind of things here;

This one is an early experiment with freestyle, and seems more appropiate to our climates than the previous one as it pictures desertification, a phenomenon now taking place at brazilian caatinga.


Awesome work! As a currently-freshman myself, it’s cool to see what others were doing at the same part of their lives.