(ArtWork) Media --- Fight for violent (with process)

Media always be the best weapon to fight for violent. After I inspire of the tank man,I making this art creation:eyebrowlift2:
The Red Epic Camera is like the power of media and the tank is violent.
(*this is only an art work without any standpoint or opinion)

Render Engine: Blender Cycles render
Simples: 400 simples
With 8min,1024max bound Full Global Illumination
Render Time: 3 Hours With 12 core Mac Pro ( too slow i think… )
Format: OpenEXR with multlayer and passes

Feel free to give a comment!

Here are the main setting of the render

Here is the log color management render (as Raw render)

For making a more interesting shadow,I searching some textures then turn them to black and white node with a color ramp for adjectment, I mainly use a sun lamp for lighting

Also I also use Quixel Suit(nDO) for making textures, some texture downloaded in CGtexture.com

I use a lot of subsurface Scattering in this scene(Main reason cause slow), such as the handle of the camera
Here’s the node steps:

BTW,SSS look pretty awesome!
And the camera body paint material~a little bit complex!

The modelling looks superb, with lots of detail.
But in the composition it lacks somehow. I think it is because the camera and tank do not interact. These both coexist without the need of each other in the scene. The lens and the barrel of the tank are parallel to each other and thus are not facing each other. It first seemed to me a toy tank is battling a camera microphone. What adds to this toy tank illusion is the setting: It looks like being photographed in a backyard, judging by the scale of the wall and the casted shadows. I would add more interaction as to why one object affects the other, e.g. a camera facing the tank while crushing it with its feet. And choose a different scene for this…(Just a quick idea).