Artwork + Screnshots call for

The new relies on beautiful graphics for headers and carousels. It would be great to see some contribution from the blenderartists community!

The Features section also has a new layout and needs good and up-to-date screenshots or examples of the features being described.

What is needed:

  • High quality images that can fit an horizontal format, at least ~2K width, ~1K height.
  • These images should easily allow typography overlay (not so cluttered)
  • Screenshots from different areas featuring the artwork (wireframe models, compositing, image painting, and such). Unless needed for that specific snap, don’t display just a single model, let’s show that Blender can handle a whole production scene in the same .blend.

The screenshots should feature the default theme, for consistency. Is nice to show Blender supports different themes but we can do that specifically.

If anyone is available to help out on this it would be appreciated!

Here’s an abstract image to get the creative juices flowing for the real artists in the community. It features the new theme colors, it was created with rigid body dynamics, and it uses cycles motion blur and environment lighting. -SE

Nice, please keep your images and screenshots coming, this is very important for the new website!

Heya - very good job! I have some artwork which you can find here -> and
greetings - Benjamin

Hi, if you want I can make a bigger render, more samples, …

EDIT: Better render
EDIT: Another render

@elbru mind to teach me how to create that caustic? (with sun lamp, not mesh lamp) :slight_smile:

I could see if I´m getting done with an animation I´m working on currently and grab a frame.
either render it myself or use a farm solution.

Regarding themes! let me know if you need images of Softblend I will happily oblige.
Also I need to push my latest version upstream, :frowning: don´t want to svn co the entire source code.

so I send it to someone on irc or learn to push a single file.

Here are a few from me:

Hope you find them useful :slight_smile:


A couple from me as well:

I have one WIP that has a LOT of Cycles hair and fur, so I will post it when I am finished.

I also have some slightly smaller images that I used as thumbnails for my tutorials. You could use them on pages describing particular features. Feel free to use them if they meet your requirements (they are only 720p).
Fire simulation:

Fracturing, rigid bodies, and particles:

Ocean modifier and Cycles:

Hi, I have mixed up some Viewport Display Modes.
Hope it is usefull :smiley:

with text:

only Suzanne:

Use whatever you like from the Gallery :slight_smile: (it is not much, but growing…)

(if there should be any licensing issues, we’ll solve them up).

Thought I might as well throw in my bunch.

I have the non transparent version of this one if you want it

Here are some screenshots for you!

It’s not much but here’s a Blender Internal with toon shading render. LIDAR mesh imported, cherry picker model imported from SolidWorks and rigged in Blender, dump truck imported from Sketchup 3D warehouse. All imports cleaned up and animated. Final animation here:


A couple of fairly recent product visualizations:

How 'bout something with impact?

Soon finish for this one.

I love the golf ball, but I wonder if the minions and Monsters & Cie characters are royalty free (even if the renders are awesome). I think we could also show how the interface is customizable.