Artwork. Uncle & Nephew

Hello everyone!

I would like to share with you my last concept artwork.
More info and high-res at:



everything is really good, the volumetric lighting, the water with plants underwater and the ripples on the surface are great, but there is something off about the scale of the storm troopers. its as if they are really small like hobbits or smaller even like honey i shrank the kids… But maybe its just me.

Hi. Well, everything is at real world scale actually. Even the characters (one of them is a kid). So yeah! maybe it’s just you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re #featured! :tada:

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beautiful! i like the trees/vegetation!

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Real nice scene.
But i feel this small trooper issue too, i guess its because the head to small for a kid, it has to be bigger afaik.

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Yayyy! Thanks so much Bart! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback!

Very good render and scene. My only criticism would be to make the storm troopers more serious and not a father son kind of moment, maybe a bit darker scene with them packing some laser rifles and maybe some kind of tech on the boat. Though that’s just my ideas, great render none the less.

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It looks very awesome, reminds me of UE4, did you model every blade of grass, and tree? weldone.

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The artwork is well done, I especially like the idea of it.

But it’s the thing with the kid that’s off, really
Scaling down a human does not make a child, changing proportions does, mainly:

(I don’t own this image, just grabbed it off google, it’s from Samantha Bell who does fashion drawing, I believe)

Another thing you might wanna look at is silhouettes, I had to look twice to make out what’s happening exactly (An Image’s title should extend the meaning of it, not explain it). BlenderGuru has nice videos about this.


Thank you! The grass and vegetation are made with Graswald. The trees and other dead branches are made with the Mtree addon.

Thanks for the info and feedback !

Love the background. I don’t know where the kid’s body starts and ends after staring at it for awhile. Otherwise, pretty cool and has an immediate atmosphere to it.

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I’ve a friend who collects ‘folk art.’ It seems to be mostly antique paintings that have creepy children somewhere. What makes them creepy is that the painters almost always got the proportions wrong, making them look like shrunken adults. Well, that, and the eyes. Yeesh, the faces always look creepy, big or small.