Artworks And Galleries tags

In Artwork categories (Finished Projects, Blender Tests, etc…) everything is viewed as tiles.

If you give no-tags as a tag the posts appear as lists (as anywhere in the forum). If you set all-tags then posts appear as tiles (which is by default how galleries apear).

This could be a good way to switch views between list/tiles and for example to be able to see a review of how the posts appear.

This could be a bug, but also a feature.

(moved to #support:blender-artists-website-support)

It sounds like a bug to be honest, but I think it’s such an edge-case that it’s not really worth putting time in?

I have no clue how to set tags, but today all the views in Artwork galleries changed to lists and I want the thumbnails back :grinning:

I didn’t do anything on purpose, but I just MIGHT have pushed a wrong button.

Hmm, that’s not what I see :slight_smile: Can you share a URL please?

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The views changed back as I was copying the URL :astonished:

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